Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Eye for Beauty

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Today's Blogger of Note is Life Through Reflections.

Zusana was born under the Tatra Mountains, to a Czech father and a Slovak mother. She grew up in Sweden and lived almost 10 years in North Carolina. Today Zusana works and resides in Denmark, in a white washed brick house on a hill, with stunning views of fiery sunsets and pristine scenery. Her blog is all about reflections on her cosmopolitan past and her thoughts and feelings about life itself, with all its magic, natural splendor and the beauty of simple pleasures.

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. i'm intrigued! off for a visit :)

  2. I recommend Zuzana to any person who is in love with life and wonderful sights. I have been reading her for the past year and a half and I tell you that her eye for detail and colour is amazing.

    Congrats Zuzana and all the best.

    Big hugs,

  3. Glad to read that Zuzana gets the honour today. She is a most deserving candidate.

  4. I'm just back from reading some of Zuzana's blog. Glad I did. It's lovely.

  5. Zuzana is a favorite blogger of mine...I'm so happy she received this honor! Reading her words always open my heart and mind to a new way or a remembered way of looking at life.
    gentle steps

  6. Congratulations to Zuzana! Her site definitely deserves the honor of being a "blog of note"! I definitely became a follower! :)

    Christine :)

  7. I have been following Zuzana for quite a while. She has a beautiful blog and it is always very thought provoking. I'm so glad to see her as today "BON".


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