Friday, October 1, 2010

The Spirit of a Goddess

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Today's Blogger of Note is Everyday Goddess.

Elise has been blogging for nearly two years and feels her style has changed over time. She’s a writer of short stories about what it's like to find a connection to the best within us. That's what Elise is striving for in her own life as she looks for her inner Goddess.

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. grrreat choice! I have the privilege of been granted one of her goddess awards a week ago, and you have no idea how good that made me feel! she didn't know me and yet thought one of my posts was worth sharing - isn't that generous or what?? off to congratulate her in "person" ;)

  2. The Everyday Goddess was an excellent choice. I've been following her for a while...she writes wonderful posts.!!!

  3. Hi. I checked out The Everyday Goddess, too. Another very good choice!

  4. inner goddess, eh? headed off to read more!


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