Monday, July 12, 2010

A Man of Mystery

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Today's Blogger of Note is This is Scoman.

Scoman has been a dedicated WOW member and BON supporter for a while now. He is always good for a laugh. This man of mystery is a little hard to describe, but he has a wicked sense of humor and apparently Google thinks he might be a terrorist ;) But, you'll have to visit his blog to see all this for yourself. We're glad it's your day, Scoman. You deserve it!

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. ScoMan's awesome. I'm glad he got nominated.

  2. Sorry...I've been w/o reliable Internet for a while. Yes, I concur. ScoMan is mysterious...but pretty interesting!

  3. I've followed ScoMan for awhile and I'm glad to see he got nominated!! He's great! Go SCO!!!

  4. Idea clever another of think to have I'll, first it did ScoMan since but, myself post backwards a writing about thought I. Clever really was blog backwards the. ScoMan, blog great.

  5. WOO HOO! I love that ScoMan's day has finally come. Totally worth it.

  6. I'm a regular ScoMan reader, in fact that how I discovered WoW, so this whole discovery thing works both ways.

  7. Thanks to Pam and Sandy for featuring me and thank you everyone for your kind comments.

  8. ScoMan is one of my all time favorites. Gret sense of humor in that man.


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