Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Wee Bloom

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Today's Blogger of Note is We Bloom Here.

M. Bloom is one amazing woman. Not only does she have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology, she's a sometime puppeteer and she just gave birth to a brand new baby (a Wee Bloom) less than three weeks ago. Did this deter her from becoming BON today? Not at all. Her response? "...I think I could step up to the plate! Sure -- let's give it a go!" I told you she was amazing.

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. First visit here. I signed up to follow...going to explore your site now.

  2. Hi, "We Bloom Here" is eautiful gem of a blog. I am enjoying wandering through it...

  3. We Bloom Here is a lovely blog and Ms. Bloom is very creative.

  4. My favorite thing about M. over at We Bloom Here is that we met in the blog world and have become in real life friends! I loved her blog from the moment I found her through a Crafty Crow link... go there now and be prepared to have an enchanting time!!!

  5. Dearest all --

    Thank you for you kind comments about my blog. I usually respond to each comment individually, but... well... with the Wee Bloom, things have been just a little busy around here...

    Thank you again,


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