Friday, April 23, 2010

Photo Gallery

Every Sunday we will post a Mr. Linky where you can add a link to your blog that shows off your photography. You are welcome to post each and every week and please do be sure to visit the other bloggers who have linked their photos and leave them a comment letting them know you are visiting from WOW's Photo Gallery.

Welcome to the Gallery!

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  1. I sure hope more folks will join in the fun here otherwise it's going to go away. C'mon everyone, post those photos!

  2. hey, there is an "X" by my photo post and my writing post. does anyone know why? I'm not "X-rated" am I ? :)

    my photo link is from Burning Man 2009 - we campmates took turns siting in a chair. part of the reason I love burning man is for the photo opportunities. I don't typically post my photo's but these are part of a story :)

  3. I love this idea!!! I have been posting a daily photo on my photo blog. I started on January 22 of this year, which was my 39th birthday and plan to continue to 1/22/11, the big 4-0 for me!

  4. To answer Shannon's question about the little red x. That appears so that you can delete your link if you want to. Only you can see it or use it. It will eventually disappear, even for your use.

  5. Today's Photo Gallery, Carolina on my Mind, took me back to my childhood, and I lingered there a while. It was a delicious daydream, one filled with memories of dolphins, sand castles, and walks on the beach. Crabbing for Blues was a favorite pass time, and my mother made a tasty soup out of them - once we had steamed and picked them clean of their meat, and if we had any left over, a casserole covered with cheese. That the photos were of such good quality almost escaped my eye, so caught up was I in my daydream.


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