Friday, April 23, 2010

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Every Sunday we will post a Mr. Linky where you can add a link to your blog that shows off your creative writing. You are welcome to post each and every week and please do be sure to visit the other bloggers who have linked their work and leave them a comment letting them know you are visiting from WOW's Writer's Forum.

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  1. I've been muttering about autobiography on my blog. I'd be interested to have others join in this conversation.

    There are so many creative attempts at the autobiographical online and yet people hesitate to embrace the genre.

    There's too much self-disclosure; too many possible interruptions to other people's privacy; and too much danger of misinterpretation of what some might call the truth, perhaps.

    It's safer to wrote fiction, some say, but I suspect it's preferable to write meaningful non-fiction, if the demands of fiction writing elude us, as often times they do, at least they do for me.

  2. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I am nurturing a cold..
    Early still, will check in later for more writing juice!

  3. In answer to Elizabeth, a lot of what I write is autobiographical on my blog, interspersed amongst everything else I write about. Most of it seems to come out in poetry, but I find it quite easy to write it online. When I've delved in to the past, I find less is more. We don't need to put every little detail in it to make it interesting to our readers. Our readers aren't so much interested in the details as they are the outcome of why an experience or a person was significant enough in our history to write about them. At least, I find this true for me.

  4. I'm not sure I can write pure fiction. Maybe it doesn't exist, as we are all shaped by who we are a where we come from. My blogs are journals and poetry, so they clearly reflect my feelings and beliefs. As I develop my writing skills, I tend to agree with MissKris about less being more. (You wouldn't believe it at seeing my journal blogs), but I also have a small collection of poems that say a lot in a little space, and that is gratifying.

  5. I added a link that's purely autobiographical...most of my posts are reflective, all have a distinct voice, and some are more personal than others. I can't write fiction -- there's something about the unreal aspect of it that I have no mastery over or connection with.


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