Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An Amazing Teen

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Today's Blogger of Note is Thoughts, Writings, Coffee...

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Sam is an intellectual sort, looking for meaning, beauty and his voice in the world, his blog is a small place for his poetry, fiction and the occasional musing. He is also a lover of art in all its forms, a wandering philosopher and an aspiring writer. And he is only 15 years old!

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. I'm so excited about this one! I do not know any teenage males who blog. My little brother writes, but he doesn't have the desire to start a blog. He'd rather just post "Notes" on facebook. Like I said, so excited to hear what Sam has to say.

  2. I just stopped by Sam's blog and all I can say is "Wow! You "WOW" gals did a fantastic job choosing him!" An Amazing Teen is putting it mildly! I already left Sam a comment, as well.

  3. I have been reading Sam's work for quite some time now and I am happy to say that he is indeed a talented individual who possesses a passion for writing and the arts. I never thought that a 15 year old could be so perceptive and coherent. Now he defies stereotypes. I am glad that he is a BON.

    Good work, here.

    Joy always,

  4. Way to go Sam!
    This is a great choice!
    Sam's age isn't a consideration to me, he's simply a gifted writer.

  5. His blog is truly an inspiration! I am so glad you have featured it!

  6. I am immensely glad to have read Sam's blog. I left a comment for him telling him that I think he's an old soul. How else could he reflect so much insight and wisdom, let alone talent.

  7. Just spent some time on Sam's blog. His talent and spirit restore my faith in all kinds of things. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. I've been a huge fan of Sam's for some time now. I'd forgotten until just now that he is only 15, because his work is so timeless and classic. He's definitely a pleasure to know and follow. - G
    ***winks and waves at Sam reading these comments***

  9. Came by the way of Sam's blog, excellent choice, I just hope he remembers us bloggers when he becomes famous, for that young man is
    incredibly talented and brilliant.

    I have become a follower today.
    By the way how does one recommend a follow blogger or two that is Note worthy?

    I have two that is fabulous on a consistent basis for their stories, prose, poetry, thoughtfulness toward other bloggers.
    Every day goddess-- Elise
    and the ever versatile Lorenzo
    at the Alchemist's Pillow
    Cheers, Joanny

  10. How refreshing to find someone so young with such a wonderful command of the English language. Sam's philosophical and individualistic touch, shines through. What a find indeed.

  11. awesome highlight,
    Sam is well deserved!

  12. A teenager with the wisdom of the wise. A rare combination

  13. Sam wrote the most beautiful piece about his grandfather who just passed. Someone is way ahead of his years. Heather

  14. I really think more teens should get into blogging. It's a great creative outlet!


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