Monday, August 16, 2010

Smothered in Sarcasm

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Today's Blogger of Note is The Writing Womb.

Patricia, The Naked Writer, is an aspiring novelist, stand-up comedian and cartoonist currently teaching Yoga abroad in Thailand. Her passions include playing the guitar, making people laugh until they cry, and being full of awesomeness. She blogs with an 'anything goes' type of attitude that will leave you laughing out loud.

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. Have enjoyed reading her posts. She is filled with sarcasm and humor! A visit to her blog is a must.

  2. I like sarcasm. (Said without sarcasm!) I'm going to visit. Thank you.

  3. OMG, her little cartoons are the absolute best. I LOVE her blog, in fact it's through her blog that I found this site!

    Single Dad Laughing

  4. I've been there before, and I'll go again. She's wacky!

  5. Thank you everyone for visiting The Writing Womb and for your encouraging words!
    Peace, love and laughter to you all!

  6. This one was off the top but a lot of fun.


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