Friday, August 13, 2010

An Eclectic Optimist

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Today's Blogger of Note is The Marmelade Gypsy.

Jeanie is first to admit that her blog is as eclectic as she is! Her guiding principles include joy, compassion, fun, friendship, family, love, creativity and happiness and she brings those to “The Gypsy”with posts on art, travel, recipes, family, home, and photography with an optimistic point of view!

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. I did go over to Jeanie's place and came back with colour and thoughts as eclectic as her blog's content!

    Thanks for putting us another BON.

    Your effort is much appreciated.

    Joy always,

  2. An eclectic optimist was very inspiring and moving. It lets us know that life is beautiful even when it is difficult.

  3. Thanks so much for including me as a BON on WOW! (Or a WOWBON!). Many have visited and I hope they come back to your site, too! jeanie

  4. That's quite a fun blog you've featured.

    I think I'm finally back from my crazy summer. And I'm so glad to be!

  5. I enjoyed reading today's BON. Good find!

  6. She is filled ideas and an eclectic site it is.

  7. I found WOW through Karen Peterson's ( site! I love it! Marmalade Gypsy was fantastic!

  8. Great choice today! I just finished reading quite a bit of The Marmalade Gypsy!

  9. This gal is one of the greatest!


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