Wednesday, September 1, 2010

L.A. Lady

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Today's Blogger of Note is Katie Gates: Stories and Opinions.

A Los Angeles-based writer and artist, Katie approaches blogging as an opportunity to share her voice through personal essays that are often humorous and have a potentially broad appeal. She posts something new every Wednesday, and on Saturdays when she shares excerpts from her novel, The Somebody Who.

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. Yay -- I'm first! Okay, I know it's not a contest...but in my mind and life, this is HUGE!

    I'm NEVER first at anything: I was always picked last for kick ball, am always (it seems) the last in line, always the last to read my 'Scattergories' answers. In essence, it blows...but this? This is too awesome for words.

    I'm also very excited to go and see today's 'B.O.N.' -- she seems a girl after my own, or is it mine after hers considering she's more successful....????

    Either way, bottom line and point is...I'm stoked.

    Also must cut down on my coffee intake. :D

    Peace and serenity,
    'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'

  2. I am so pleased that Katie is our Blogger of Note today! Thanks 'WOW' for highlighting her blog. Not only is Katie a brilliant writer but she posts regularly, without fail, and motivates others with her thoughtful and often humorous comments.I know because she makes sure she pops onto mine when I get round to updating it! :-)

  3. congratulations to Katie! I am a follower already and love her humor and writing. Great choice!

  4. Dropping by for the first time in response to your request for three links after being kindly nominated as a BON by blog friend Joanny of "Live, Dream, Love". I look forwardg to exploring this blog and the other fine blogs you tether to the WOW mesh.

  5. Glad to see you here, Katie. I'm trying to figure out how to bottle Day 3 and sell it to the masses.


  6. Congrats to Katie and great choice by Sandy and Pam! I've been following Katie's blog for some time! She's wonderful!

  7. Just discovered you on Katie Gates site and you gave her a BON...I am giving her a ONE LOVELY BLOG award on Monday the 6th...we seem to be on the same page about good writing.

    I am taking 2 days off the computer, but will be back to explore your site on Monday...looks like a good discovery

  8. It so nice to come here and find a blogger I know and admire, whose writing I enjoy tremendously.

  9. With all these great comments, I can't wait to see Katie's blog. Heather


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