Friday, September 17, 2010

Shining Light Into Dark Corners

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Today's Blogger of Note is La Belette Rouge.

Belette's blog is the autobiographical story of a 40-something woman who lives in L.A., but would rather not. Her blog is about trying to find home, losing home, hating L.A, going to therapy, being a therapist and a writer, and living childless not by choice.

Happy reading,

Sandy & Pam

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  1. just came back from today's BON... totally recommended! thanks a lot for bringing this talented writer to my attention.

  2. Thanks so much OJ for your very kind recommendation! Thanks to my dear friend, Privilege for the nomination. And thanks to everyone at WOW for this incredibly exciting honour. Merci!

  3. Oh, a very interesting blogger... had to add her to my reading list.

  4. loved her post, inspiring ~ did not find the comment field though

  5. Blissed Out: Thanks so much for coming by and for your comment!

    Dawn: Thank you!!! Sorry to have missed out on your comment. It is up at the very top, under the title. Hope you stop back by. I would love to hear how blogging has changed your life.

  6. Very interesting blog by La Bellette Rouge. Most people who live in LA love it and brag about the weather, movie stars, etc.; they don't complain about wanting to leave. Unique perspective. I note that LBR doesn't allow us to comment on her stuff, wonder why? She'd get a lot of compliments, I'm sure. Another BON winner!

  7. Lazarus, Thanks! There are over 110 comments on this post( not bragging just saying that I DEFINITELY allow comments). Please come back and say hello!!

  8. Post a Reply works exactly as this site does... wierd!!?

  9. hmmmm...hating LA? but it's by the BEACH!


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