Saturday, May 29, 2010

Writer's Forum

Every Sunday we will post a Linky where you can add a link to your blog that shows off your creative writing. You are welcome to post each and every week and please do be sure to visit the other bloggers who have linked their work and leave them a comment letting them know you are visiting from WOW's Writer's Forum.

Welcome to the Forum!

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  1. I don't have anything worth sharing this week! If I write anything as the week goes on I will come back. I really love this linky...hoping many more join in! When I have time I am going to write about it on my main blog!!

    Thanks as always this blog.

  2. i have written about my son on the anniversary of his death. he died on the 27th of may but it was memorial day - terribly long days...

  3. I read Shannon's(Green Monkey) lovely post and it was really touching...

  4. Shannon's post is heartbreaking and honest.

    Yvonne, if you stop on by, your link leads to never never land.

  5. I didn't blog anything other then questions and reviews this week.
    I had actually started a blog just as an exercise in pure fiction writing a few months ago, but it's closed to the public at the moment, I am considering starting it over and trying it again.

  6. Cheryl and Shannon have created very different posts, but both are wonderful and well worth reading.

  7. Why did my name have a cross in red on the link?
    I was able to get through to the others, I am disappointed, thought I may get a broader reading audience.


  8. Regarding my link going to Never Never Land I thought that a bit catty to say the least.
    I set it up as required it worked alright this morning. So what went wrong had nothing to do with my end.


  9. Happy Sunday, everyone. I'm about to go visit some of these links, and I hope you'll stop by mine as well!

  10. you are invited to follow my blog


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